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2012 MOVIE

The Mayan calendar predicted it, science has confirmed it.
But we never imagined it could really happen...

From the director of Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow

The world as we know will soon come to an end... yeah, sure... By the way if you're superstitious enough to get really scared by the 2012 buzz, I'd really appreciate if you could transfer all your assets to me at the end of December 2011: after all you really believe that the apocalypse will be unleashed in 2012, don't you?

Anyway the movie 2012 is going to be damned entertaining, that's for sure!

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2012 Movie Review

2012 is a natural disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich (10,000 BC, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day) and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The cast includes John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. Recording began in August 2008 in Vancouver. Its worldwide release was originally scheduled for 10 July 2009, but was postponed for 13 November 2009. The film is set at present, only superficially mentions the Mayan Culture and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

1. Argument

Warning: This is an extended synopsis. Here begins a piece that exposes relevant details of the argument.

The Earth is destroyed in 2012, just as predicted by the Mayan calendar. It all starts years before, in 2009 when Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) one scientist, travels to India where he meets his friend Satnam (Jimi Mistry) who has discovered that the sun suffers major solar storms in the history of humanity, which has caused the neutrinos begin a series of physical reactions that raise the core temperature of the earth. Immediately Adrian Helmsley, returns to Washington DC, where he finds the chief of staff, Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt), who immediately informed the President of the United States, Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover). In 2010, when it has been confirmed by scientific means catastrophic events to come, President Wilson, informs the other heads of state, during the 36th session of the G8 and seeks assistance from industrialized countries that make up the IHC ( Institute for Human Continuity). The IHC is a secret organization with the collaboration of all governments of the world through which they begin to build that giant ships / boats on top of the Himalayas to save a representative group of human beings, animals, plants and part of artistic heritage of humanity. The IHC report this to the billionaires in the world of the situation, and that to be among the lucky ones will pay 1,000 million per seat, to be saved on the ships / boats. In 2011, continue with the preparations, are shipped the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, which is replaced by a copy and the original is sent to the Himalayas. The story jumps to 2012 when mass suicides occur in persons who ruled the Mayan calendar in the Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala.

Meanwhile, Curtis Jackson (John Cusack) is a writer, divorced father who occasionally works as a limo driver, while his ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet) live with their two sons Noah (Liam James) and Lily ( Morgan Lily) and have remade his life with his new stepfather, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy), a renowned plastic surgeon. Jackson plans a family trip, with his sons Noah and Lily Yellowstone National Park. Jackson takes her children to a restricted area where Yellowstone Lake is completely dry, so they are detained by the United States Army and brought Adrian Helmsley, who is investigating the geologic activity of the Yellowstone caldera. This lets them go, congratulating Jackson on his book Farewell Atlantis, and says he is a big fan of yours. Once released, Jackson takes her children to the campground, where they meet Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson), a radio announcer, who asked about what they were told by geologists, and tells them that this is a government conspiracy , in which the world has come to an end and that a number of spacecraft that will save a few select, Jackson immediately away from Frost, thinking that suffers a psychological disorder.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a large crack appears in the shopping center where Kate and Gordon were therefore called to Jackson to return immediately to Los Angeles. Huge cracks begin to appear around the city of Los Angeles, while the government has given the order to begin immediate shipment, so the select group is reported to be from China.

Jackson, and in Los Angeles, returns to his job as driver, where it transfers to the children of a Russian billionaire at the airport. After such an incident is told he will die and they are going to save in some large ships, this, and large cracks, raised suspicions that Jackson immediately rented an airplane and intends to pick up his family.

Kate receives a call from her ex-husband telling you collect everything because California will disappear, Kate does not believe what he says, because the governor is giving a press conference stating that the worst has happened , while saying that, a massive earthquake rocks the city of Los Angeles. Jackson manages to pick up his family, who must traverse the entire city, and is destroyed by the quake, to reach the airport where they manage to take the plane as the floor collapses, get raised, and so look like Los Angeles and is swallowed sinks by the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile earthquakes occur worldwide, and the theory is that plate tectonics will eventually become unstable and create the biggest wave of earthquakes and tsunamis in the history of mankind. Jackson returns to Yellowstone where he plans to find Frost to indicate where the ships are exactly. Frost says that documents found in his truck, but are surprised when the Yellowstone Park explodes into a megavolcán. Jackson and his family manage to escape and arrive in Las Vegas which is partially destroyed by large cracks. Meanwhile in Washington D.C. reported that the explosion will come to D.C. in 6 hours and flattening everything in its path with ash. President Wilson, decided to stay in the White House with his people, while some Cabinet members are sent to the Air Force One to China along with Helmsley and the chief of staff, Anheuser, which has taken over as the President has been and Vice-President has died in an accident. Anheuser collect opposes the President and Congress, which would rest the power of command, for demasidado claims that it is late and you do not know where you are, taking over the government.

Meanwhile on land, President Wilson addressed the nation, reporting that it is time that should be strong and everything has come to an end, and spend their last moments with their loved ones. Jackson and his family see the president's message from Las Vegas, which is about to be destroyed by the ash cloud from Yellowstone, but find his former Russian leader, who is stranded because they have co-driver to convince Gordon help fly the plane and thus escape from the destruction of Las Vegas and head to China. Meanwhile hundreds of volcanoes occur throughout the world, megaterremotos total chaos and destroy the earth. Washington DC, suffering the assaults and the Washington Monument falls by megs. People flock to his faith, and in Rome, during a prayer before the Pope in which he is the Prime Minister of Italy, which has decided to stay as President Wilson, the crowd is crushed by the dome of the Basilica of St. Peter and all the Vatican. In the Air Force One, it is reported that mega continental masses have mobilized hundreds of miles from their original places, so that mega-tsunamis cover the total earth surface.

In Washington D.C. a tidal wave drags the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) which crushes the White House. Hawaii is devastated by giant rivers of lava, India is engulfed by tsunamis, and the Himalayas starts to flood. Jackson and his family make their way to the Himalayas, because the continents have moved miles away, there are abandoned by the Russian billionaire, who is picked up by a Chinese helicopter while, they manage to find the family of a worker who participated in the construction of the ships and get them accomplished for a few products, but suffered an accident that killed Gordon, stuck the doorway of the American ship, which is beginning to flood the ship and prevents evasive maneuver without colliding against the Mount Everest, but Jackson succeeds in unblocking the door and can close, save everyone inside. The ships travel in the new ocean that has appeared on what was Asia, and receive information via satellite from the Cape of Good Hope and most of Africa has been saved, for what amounted earthquakes thousands of feet, safe from flooding , leaving Africa as one continent.

2. Places mentioned in the film and destroyed

* In Tikal occurs collective suicide by the Mayan prediction.
* The Louvre Museum is mentioned in the film.
* The Caldera Yellowstone National Park explodes with tremendous force.
* Los Angeles falls apart and is slowly sinking into the Pacific Ocean.
* The Bay of San Francisco is destroyed by an earthquake.
* Japan disappears because of the waves Megatsunami.
* Washington DC attacked by a storm of ash, successive earthquakes and tremendous final wave, obliterating the White House and the obelisk of the Washington Monument, National Mall
* Rio de Janeiro shaken by an earthquake crumble making the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
* London is mentioned in the film, informing of the cancellation of the 2012 London Olympics.
* Rome by an earthquake that destroys the entire Vatican City.
* Las Vegas sinks in the Nevada desert during a major earthquake that splits the city in two.
* San Juan buried three thousand meters underground because of a megaterremoto.
* Hawaii is converted into a tremendous mass of magma.
* India is submerged under a Megatsunami of 1,500 meters.
* The Himalayas, disappears under a huge Megatsunami.
* In South Africa, including KwaZulu-Natal and Free State, the Drakensberg mountains become higher than Mount Everest.
* Tibet and Mount Everest have a play in the film.
* Cape of Good Hope is also important in the film.
* North Pole and South Pole, practically disappear, making new South Pole as Wisconsin, United States, and therefore, as the new North Pole to the Kerguelen Islands, France.

3. Cast

* John Cusack as Curtis Jackson, a divorced writer who sometimes works as a limo driver. Survived
* Amanda Peet as Kate Jackson's former wife, loving again ending. Survived
* Thomas McCarthy and Gordon, Kate's current boyfriend and plastic surgeon. He died crushed by the mechanism of the boat.
* Danny Glover as President Wilson of the United States. He died when a tsunami attacked the city.
* Thandie Newton and Laura Wilson President Wilson's first child. He survived.
* Anheuser Carl Oliver Platt, Secretary of state under President Wilson. He survived.
* Chiwetel Ejiofor as Adrian Helmsley, scientific, has a crush on Laura. He survived.
* Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost, a man who prophesies the end of the world and is regarded as mad, being compared with Cassandra. Died after being hit by a meteorite.
* Chin Han as Lin Pang, a worker in Tibet. He survived.
* Beatrice Rosen as Tamara, a pretty girl with a dog named Caesar. She drowned.
* Morgan Lilly Lily as Curtis Jackson and daughter Kate. He survived.
* Liam and Noah James Curtis, son of Jackson and Kate. He survived.
* Zlatko Buric as Yuri, a Russian billionaire who has two children, and Tamara's boyfriend until the vacuum left in the Jackson, Kate Gordon, Lilly and Noah, as he learned of his relationship with Sasha. Died after falling into the void.
* Johann Urb as Sasha, a Russian pilot tube relationship with Tamara. He died when the plane that took them to China explodes with the inside.

4. Soundtrack: 2012 Soundtrack

On 17 November 2009, the soundtrack of the movie went on sale on and iTunes, after launching a competition where the user could make the album sound of the movie. Music 2012 The End Of The World is the main theme of the film.

1. Time For Miracles - Adam Lambert - Written by Alain Johannes and Natasha Schneider
2. Constellation
3. Wisconsin
4. U.S. Army
5. Ready To Rumble
6. Spirit of Santa Monica
7. It Is not The End Of The World - George Segal, Blu Mankuma
8. Great Kid
9. Finding Charlie
10. Run Daddy Run
11. Stepping Into The Darkness
12. Leaving Las Vegas
13. Ashes in D.C.
14. We Are Taking The Bentley
15. Nampa Plateau
16. Saving Caesar
17. Adrian's Speech
18. Open The Gates
19. The Impact
20. Suicide Mission
21. 2012 The End Of The World
22. Collision With Mount Everest
23. The End Is Only The Beginning
24. Fades Like a Photograph - Written by Richard Patrick, Harald Kloser and Thomas Wanker.

5. Other Music

* "Afreen Afreen - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Written by Javed Akhtar and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
* "Minuet" - String Quintet In E Major, Op 11 No. 5
* "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - By AP Carter
* "Can I Call You Baby" - The Pearls - By James Davis

Due to Copyright, I can't post the full movie here, but you can watch The Full 2012 Movie By visiting

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The World Ends Soon - Will 2012 the Movie, Cause Panic?

Due out November 13, 2009, the movie 2012 is already the subject of much water cooler chatter. Do you think the movie will cause panic?

Based on the conclusion of the Mayan calendar, which ends December 20, 2012, the movie attempts to predict a catastrophic event. Obviously, it's an event that's in Hollywood's image. Still, how much chaos can one movie due?

This reminds me of Passion of the Christ. Many thought the movie would stir up lots of emotion and cause a lot of trouble. In the end, some feathers were ruffled, but that passed.

However, many are starting to say that 2012 could cause a panic level similar to the Y2K fiasco some years ago. Food rations anyone?

Sure, the Mayans haven't seen the light of day in thousands of years, but somehow they get all the credibility in the world. Could they be right? My money is on no. However, that doesn't stop everyone from adding their two cents. Like the final moments of 1999, I think the world will be talking about this heavily until January 01, 2013.

As far as the movie goes, you know it will be filed with great special effects and mayhem. It's director, Roland Emmerich, is well-known for destroying a city in Godzilla, blowing up countless landmarks in Independence Day and most recently, tackling climate change in The Day After Tomorrow.

I expect 2012 to follow his style, which means it will be a great ride. Unlike the previous movies, this one has a sense of possible realism to it all. None of us expect giant lizards to tear through cities, but a movie based on predictions due to hit soon are intriguing.

Real or not, at the very least we get a great movie to enjoy. As to the panic of the public, we'll have to wait and see.

Due to Copyright, I can't post the full movie here, but you can watch The Full 2012 Movie By visiting 2012 Full Movie Official Site.

Enjoy the amazing movie !

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2012 Trailer

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2012 - Date Set by Mayan Astrology Ignites Apocalyptic Mania and New Age Visions

December 2012 became the new date for the end of the world "," turning to change "," fire land "or" peaceful torrent new cosmic era. Why do so many opportunities arise? Because now you can go on the Internet, churches, chat rooms, libraries or your local bar and find people who believe that some of these items and more.

To serve as an authority Edgar Cayce, the beating biblical Armageddon preachers believe the prophets of New Age authors Astro, wherever you go these days - and for the next three years are people with the belief of 'a' in 2012. "

What do you think of 2012?

Do not laugh. As time passes during the next 3 years, someone will ask what you think of 2012 and will reach a belief, or sounds terribly misinformed! What do you think? And how did this happen?

Public awareness of the Maya, especially the "priesthood of shaman" of the Maya who were surprisingly tuna to the stars and astrology was a specific measure of earthly events, has been spurred by recent research and books on "end of world" scenario that is surprising - just around the corner in cosmic time. In short, scholars, thinkers and writers have developed a set of quotes from Merlin to the I Ching, the Koran visionary Sufi, cabalistic words "End of Days" with visions of St. John.

Never before has an "adjustment date" for the "End of Days" has met with the parties to the ear of the many lively attention. How Mayan Astrology met credibility if sudden attention? Is a story in itself . Suffice it to say that the Maya went from a group that was - in the public mind, but a collection of ancient peoples of South America, as in the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas a group of visionaries visionaries astrological were prophetic genius. The technicality of the prophecy has to do with the union of all astrological events simultaneously. One graduate stated that the celebration, after 26,000 years. That's a lot of points very different philosophical point of view encouraged. Critics of astrology as fundamentalist Christians have their own point of view, where "Christ will return, and although he does not believe in astrology, 2012 was a smooth ring, even for them. Those who have left fundamentalist Christianity and became the New Age are in a particular state of anticipation, both his former and current systems have a belief in "something dramatic happens in the not very far."

Person without notice

Beliefs about what happens at this point in time, astrology very different. And that is all the rage and is about to write books and training began to speculate on a fury. They range from a smooth tidal warm peaceful conscience, to turn the earth at its poles and humanity drowning in the flood and the destruction of the world in the earth shaking earthquakes. This group lending systems of beliefs gathered all have reason to believe that the world faces a dramatic change.

The groups are not set in any other subject. Environmentalists, the fundamentalist Christians who believe in astrology and New Age with a happy vision of the future, traditional groups such as tuna political and military situation in the Middle East, all have a ready ear to what the Maya have already built long-dead star in its specific stadium.

The reason is that credibility is that, apparently, were very accurate in their forecasts, and even predicted his own death. Now, later, hundreds of years, researchers have taken a fresh look at their systems have been identified that could predict a big change for the planet. This gives them a kind of sanctification of air tight. They are dead and gone. He predicted his own end. They should be well again. Then, on media with all of the other side "of the world" scenarios, and prepared a concentration of human consciousness over the next three years!

Subscribe to our desires to advance

Wow. No one can say that many people are not excited by that.

Being a student not only of religious context, the political and social situation that we are, I am inclined to make a comment on the human psyche. There is something lodged in his head about imminent calamity and not so distant destination. It probably originated in the ancient fear of "what comes from the hill tribe to ruin our beautiful city?" There is nothing worse that can happen to a person to awaken in them a growing fear that is already there in waiting, like an egg embedded error, waiting to wake up each morning with a new growth of the chrysalis. We now have a movie coming out to do exactly that! That's right. Coming to a theater near you is a film to scare you in 2012. If you want to go, go. Here in this site, we keep a watch on what is written and what you think about this issue.

In 1000, there was a general awareness that this particular date would be an excellent time for the return of Christ. Unfortunately, there was in the memo that they had left heaven. When the prophecies abound, which is usually the time to get up and go to work and do homework everyday blessings. I am of the opinion that, in December 2012, we'll all get up, go to work and do homework everyday blessings. I hope to see you there. Meanwhile, we keep our ear to the ground for real and imagined events.

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